The making of war is integral to the formation of the nation state. However, upon closer inspection, it is found that peace-making is what truly gives rise to State power.

In his book The Better Angels of Our Nature, Steven Pinker touts greatly what he considers to be the substantive decline in violence over the course of human history. Of particular importance as it relates to the formation of the State is that Pinker attributes this decline in no small part to the State’s ability to obtain a monopoly on violence, which, given the context, Pinker sees as a positive…

The fact is we must accept our anarchist state. There can, and should, be associations, individuals banded together in common cause, but anarchy is the default, so this is where we must begin. Not “you are a citizen of this country or that” or “you belong to this political system or that”, no. Our starting point is, you are a human being, and you are accountable to yourself.

Certainly, there is the family into which you are born, your tribe, your community. These hold and shape you until you achieve your majority. But they should not make any claim to…

So there I was, no shit. I love when there is truth to vernacular. I pushed myself off the ground and spit a little blood. Fuck that shit tastes good when you know you earned it.

Thank god for a fair fight. I was so exposed I was already dead, save my life had been spared by the thin armor of honor. Of course I’d been up once myself and could have walked away. That was gone; two down as I shoved myself to my feet and got square. I probably couldn’t take but one more. I know my limits.

The very next day I had the dream again. It was the same dream, except this time she was in it, which I can tell you really sucked. I didn’t think I would ever have the dream about her. I think it was my guilty conscience, or I should say I hoped it was, because I really didn’t want it to turn out to be true with her like it had with the rest of them.

Actually, I don’t even know anymore, what’s true and what’s not. I don’t even know if I care. Mostly, I just sit around getting…

It all started from nothing, really. She had just thrown me out of the flat, and I was drifting down the sidewalk in a most exceptional daze. It was a strange sensation, not disappointment or sadness of any sort, just this blissful sense of surprised relief. I could hear the sounds of the city around me, the cars on the street, the buzzing hordes that swarmed along the cause, the general din, but it all blended together like spirits in a shaken martini, numbing the senses. …

No one wants to grow up. And I don’t blame them. Childhood is the most precious time in life. When the world is so fresh and new and experience so raw and innocent that reality is more like fantasy and reality is some distant fantasy you will conquer when you get there.

There isn’t a Santa Claus or an Easter Bunny. It may seem inconsequential at first glance, this lie perpetrated upon us by our most intimate relations. But it is a life lesson. Go on, believe it.

Nothing is what it seems, and there is nothing to believe in…

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When I think about the coronavirus pandemic, my mind often wanders to what I would be doing did it not exist. Going about my business. Continuing to be a cog in the machine. Perpetuating the status quo.

Is that what we want?

In our rush to get back to “normal”, are we perhaps overlooking the possibility that normal is precisely the problem?

Personally, I don’t want normal. I never have. And I certainly don’t want to get back to it.

Have you ever considered the impetus behind the massive appeal of the troves of aspirational media on the internet —…

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It was 2012 when I stumbled upon my first micro-distillery. Initially, I was simply excited about having come across something novel and having found another pathway to source locally. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, and came to understand, how crucial micro-distilling was to creating resilient communities.

Flash-forward 8 years later, and enter the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 emergency. Whole cities, entire nations, billions of people in lockdown. Global supply chains broken and in tatters. Store shelves completely emptied of hand sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol. Who steps in to fill the void? Local micro-distilleries.


When it comes to the definition of craft spirits, there are those who will tell you that it is impossible to determine, definitively, what constitutes craft. However, we at MicroShiner are here to tell you that, not only is that patently untrue, those people are probably trying to sell you something that is not craft.

Now we’re not here to tell you what to drink — if you want to pay more for a bottle of whiskey or gin filled with exactly the same liquid as numerous other, possibly cheaper, ones on the shelf, go right ahead. …

It is funny how the universe delivers us all the right things. Or perhaps it is just our penchant for recognizing patterns that makes it seem so. In either case, it is remarkable how often the signals come through the noise exactly when we need them to.

Only recently I began thinking how the outcries around climate change and mass extinction were actually manifestations of a greater longing, that of a need to transcend our previous modes of social organization — tribes and kingdoms, empires and nation-states — to create a new, planetary entente, one that treated the rest of…

Cobey Williamson

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